Facebook Privacy 101

Social Media Privacy

When it comes to social media, we all see it as this amazing platform that allows us to connect to our friends, family members, and followers easily and freely.  It is such a powerful platform that it even allows us to express our minds and let the world hear what we have to say. However, while all this is true, there is something important we often overlook when using social media, and that is our privacy.

Because this is such an important topic, I will take this time to talk to you about basic, yet powerful privacy settings that you should set up ASAP in your Facebook account.

I have chosen to dedicate this post to Facebook because it is the social media platform with the greatest amount of users and as we all know “EVERYONE” checks its privacy settings as soon as we create our accounts, right? 😉

But even if we did check all of those settings, almost every time Facebook “upgrades” their platform, they also reset privacy and other settings.  In the article Facebook Privacy Settings Not So Private, Brandy Combs show us a perfect example of one of those incidents when she mentions that “Privacy settings have been known to randomly change without the user’s knowledge, therefore, making the privacy settings not so private.” While this article was related to the Facebook messenger application, it is not the first time that we hear of Facebook messing up with user privacy settings.

So lets cut though the chase and look at 3 privacy settings to check within your Facebook account immediately.

1. Who can see my stuff?

In my opinion, this is the most important setting since it will make the difference between showing your post to your friends or to the entire world. So make sure you change that setting in accordance to the audience that you want to reach.

2. Who can contact me?

This is important because it is the setting that will allow or block certain people from contacting you. Again, go over this setting and decide who should be allowed to contact you.

3. Who can look me up?

This setting is important because it is the one that will allow external people to find you on Facebook through your email, phone number, or just by googling you.  So again, just like the previous settings, it all depends on your personal preferences and your target audience.

Now that you know more about these settings, go ahead an click the (lock) icon at the top of your Facebook page to navigate to the section that will allow you to change these settings.

There, you should see a page that looks like the one below.

Privacy Settings and Tools
Privacy Settings and Tools


Once you are done with these changes, I would like to encourage you to learn more about privacy settings in all your social media accounts to ensure you are protected at all times. To help you get started, here is the Basic Privacy Settings & Tools information section provided by Facebook directly.

So, get to work and enjoy your private social life! 🙂



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