Content Optimization

Content Optimization


When it comes to marketing your website, content is King! That is, of course assuming that your content has been optimized for the web and search engines. Why?… Well, let’s find out.

The Content Marketing Institute asks a very powerful question: “what good is compelling content if it can’t be found?“. What this means is that with millions of websites attempting to get users attention your content is a drop of water in the sea. But don’t let that discourage you because with content optimization your drop of water can shine.

So what is content optimization?

The same institute mentioned previously puts it this way “Through content optimization, you are providing essential data that search engines will use to determine what your content and by extension your business is all about.” Search engines will later use this information to display results to users based on keywords used during the search, and that is your opportunity to get your drop of water to shine.

OK so what can I optimize?

The short answer is almost anything! In this article, we will briefly cover text, images, and videos.


When it come to optimizing text, take advantage of HTML to edit title tags which will be picked up by search engines and displayed in the search results. Here is what title tag looks like.

HTML Title Tag


For images, make sure to take the time to optimize the Alt tag as well as Title tags. As with the text optimizations, these tags get picked up by search engines to help display image results, and this could lead to additional traffic to your site. Here is an example of how these HTML tags look like.

Image tags
Image Tags


Lastly, for videos the critical areas to concentrate on are the title and description of the video, as these are key sections that search engines use to display video results.

Is this all there is?

Well, of course not my friend, this is just the very tip of the iceberg, but if you want to see what is inside the iceberg you can dig deeper by reading more about all content optimization options here. But for now, this should give you a better understanding of this fascinating topic.




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