Passwords, Passwords, Passwords!

Digital Lock

Ahh… The world of passwords, the one and only place where we can feel secure one second and lost the next.  Passwords run our online world from social media and email to banking and other services. The problem is that in many situations that digital world can affect our real world. Imagine finding out that your bank account has been wiped out by a cyber criminal who was able to obtain your username and password, while you are at a remote location on vacation. Well, that digital world is now very real and probably even painful. So, what can we do to mitigate or at least minimize the possible damages? Well, we proactively become our own online security experts, and the first step is to become password ninjas! Here are few, not so secret, secrets to you get started.

Ninja Secret 1

Let thy password be strong. For this, use some of the tips found in the Department of Homeland Security about protecting your personal information with secure passwords:

  • Stay away from dictionary words in any language
  • Use a combination of lowercase, uppercase, number, and special characters
  • Make passwords long, at leat eight characters
  • Don’t use personal information on passwords
  • Change passwords often
  • Don’t re-use passwords on any site
  • Make sure login pages are secure by using pages that have “https:” instead of “http:” and look for the padlock icon in the browser bar

Ninja Secret 2

Let thy password be safe. According to the Department of Homeland Security, you should write down your passwords and store them in a secure, undisclosed location far from any computer or mobile device.

Ninja Secret 3

Let thy password be smart. Use a SECURE password manager (PM) service. Why? Well according to Rochester Institute of Technology passwords managers can:

  • Generate really strong passwords for you
  • Store ALL your passwords for online and offline places such as USB drives etc.
  • Encrypt all your passwords
  • Fill out passwords for you
  • Change passwords for you



Master Ninja Tips

These are the tips I live by!

  • Make sure that your PM’s password is extra secure and easy to remember without writing it down
  • Change your PM’s password at least quarterly
  • ALWAYS use dual factor authentication (2FA) as an extra security layer

By adhering to these ninja tips you will become a strong, invisible and smart password ninja in no time! Let the training begin.




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