What is Cloud Computing?

The Real Cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Well, as our friends over in Amazon.com describe it, “Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud service platform via the internet with a pay-as-you-go pricing” which basically means a collection of computing services such as applications, databases, and more delivered via the glorious internet. The best way to explain it is by giving few examples.

Dropbox is an actual application that is installed on a “server”, which is just a really powerful computer in a remote location, delivered via the internet either to your phone or computer. That is cloud computing. Same goes for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Office 365, and Google docs. Hopefully, you recognize or have used one of this cloud computing services before.  There are many variants of cloud computing, such as the ones mentioned above categorized as Software as a Service (SaaS). Other variants include Platform as a Service (PaaS),  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as well as, the ones shown below.

Types of Cloud Computing. Image By Amazon.

How does cloud computing work?

Imagine that you install an application such as Microsoft Word or create a backup file on your PC. Done? Ok, so now imagine that someone takes your computer to the North Pole, makes multiple copies of it (just in case one breaks) and allows you to access everything on your computer via the internet… Got it? Well, that is cloud computing in a nutshell and this same analogy applies to enterprise level computing.

Remot PC Access.
Remote access to your PC

Delivery Methods for Cloud Computing

But Ricardo, you just said that it was delivered via the internet, what do you mean by “delivery methods”? Well, that is a great question! Let me explain.

The internet is a connection of many computers linked together to share resources. But who owns the internet? Well, it depends.

If it is owned by a person or business it is a Private Cloud.

Private Cloud. Image By IBM.
Private Cloud. Image By IBM.

If it does not have an owner then is a Public Cloud.

Public Cloud. Image By IBM.
Public Cloud. Image By IBM.

If it is a combination of both (parts of it are private and parts of it are public ) then it is a Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud. Image By IBM.
Hybrid Cloud.
Image By IBM.

For more information about how cloud computing works, click HERE for a detail explanation provided by our friends at IBM.

Finally here is a great video to help you put all this knowledge together.



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